Okay. I'm looking for an acoustic pickup for my acoustic guitar (obviously) and not too sure on what to buy. I'd like something that doesn't require drilling, more of a snap on snap off thing. Price doesn't matter

Tone wise, I'd like something warm and not too bright although bright is ok. Just no overload of bright goodness. Eh..yeah thats all I really know.

All suggestions will be taken into consideration.
Thanks for your time.

If your looking for something that doesnt involve drilling and can be removed, it sounds lke you need a soundhole pickup. These can range in price from about 30bucks to a few hundred. So a budget could help.
Since you don't want to cut your guitar up, plus you want it warm and not too bright, I'd recommend looking at the L.R. Baggs M1 Active pickup. If you can find a Takamine Triax, they're the same thing, except it's black and not gold. A piezo pickup is not warm without a good bit of external processing. The M1 picks up bass from the body vibrations of the guitar and is very warm naturally. It sounds much more like the true sound of your acoustic than a piezo. If you don't like that idea, you could try one of those that glue onto the underside of your sound board, or an on-board mic, or both, such as the iMix system from Baggs.
Take a look at LR Baggs. Great pickups. I have the I-beam and it is a nice pickup. Guitar sounds pretty natural.

The best thing to do is to go to Musicians Friend or Guitar Center and read their reviews. Get the ones with the highest reviews in your price range.
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How much does an average acoustic pickup cost?
my K&K pure western mini cost 100 dollars i would recomend you read the electronincs for acoustics thread there are a few pickups reviewed there with prices