so, i know the band a few years ago, an uncle gave me some songs, but i already don't have it, and i remember that ZZ Top sounds really good, so, can you, people, tell me about the best ZZ Top material?, the best songs.
get the fandango live record and basically you´re all set
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Fandango, Tres Hombres, and Eliminator are all pretty good albums.
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my opinion:

Best overall:
*Cheap Sunglasses (can't say enough about how kickass this song is)

Best Old-School Blues-Rock:
*Tush (I just checked and made sure it's impossible to listen to it without tapping foot, etc)
*Brown Sugar (MEAN a-capella guitar, like "Lazy", and definitely better than "Heartbreaker")
*Just Got Paid, and pretty much everything else from the first 3 albums

Best 80's Songs:
*Gimme All Your Lovin'
*Sharp-Dressed Man
*Velcro Fly

Best Radio Song/Most Popular:
*La Grange (imo only the drum part and vocals kick ass, the guitar part is far below average for The Reverend Billy G)

happy listening
It doesn't even have to be new, I'd take an old one, even from like 1959 or something...
Zz Top Rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Personally, I like the 70's pre-synthesizer stuff the best - Especially the first 5 records:

ZZ Top's First Album
Rio Grande Mud
Tres Hombres

Great tunes, great playing - killer rocknroll band. Period.

Note: All of these CDs were unfortunatley re-mixed in the 80's with drum machines and extra effects. If you want the original mixes you need one of the following options:

- "Tres Hombres" and "Fandango" were re-issued a couple years ago with the original analog mixes and bonus live tracks. Get these versions..
- "The Best of ZZ Top" (with the campfire on the cover) has the original mixes
- The "Chrome Smoke and BBQ" Box set and "Rancho Texicano" compilation also have the original mixes...
Quote by heavybloozer
get the fandango live record and basically you´re all set

my favorite song is definitely Brown Sugar. It's so gritty and bluesy and overdriven and perfect.
Blue Jean Blues is fantastic, agreed ^^

I only have Fandango album, but it is really good.

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