Anybody know what the best noise reduction would be to get for a peavey 6505+?
Turn down the gain?

I don't really think stompbox noise gates are worth the money. If you must, maybe the Rocktron Hush Super C, Carl Martin Noise Terminator, or the ISP Decimator.
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The ISP Decimator ProRackG uses two channels of noise reduction, one in front of the amp and one in the loop, to eliminate instrument noise and preamp noise with fewer compromises. It tracks the guitar signal from the first channel to the second channel to make sure that it's eliminating noise and not the guitar signal itself. It works surprisingly well and has more effective noise reduction than anyone could ever possibly need. The only thing that sucks is it's rather cost prohibitive.
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I was looking at getting the Rocktron Hush Super C rack noise reducer because its cheap and a lot of people say it is very effective
ISP Decimator

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