...I'm 22 (I'll be 23 in September, 2008), I Live on the Town Line of Ashland, MA/Holliston, MA (like 2 or 3 Miles down Route 126 from Framingham...) I've been Playing guitar since Age 2, I Have a Lot of guitars (more then 25 in total), I've got a Marshall MG100HDFX (100-Watts) Head and a Behringer LX1200H Digital Modeling Head (120-Watts Mono or 60-Watts x2 Stereo) and I run either of those Heads on top of two Peavey 5150 412 Cabinets (that's one Peavey 5150 "Straight" Speaker Cabinet with Four 12" Speakers in it, with one Peavey 5150 "Slant" Speaker Cabinet with Four 12" speakers in it sitting on top of that, with my Behringer V-Ampire LX1200H Head or my Marshall MG100HDFX Head that sits on top of it, or I can do two Half-Stacks Side-By-Side or whatever...plus I'm going to pick up a 2x12 Combo amp real soon so I can take it places quicker with less hassle...I have a lot of effects pedals, and I can get anyone that I would need for the band.....For my Main Guitar(s), I'm running a 1967 Gibson Flying V (RI), Gibson Les Paul Studio, Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads V (that's got a Floyd Rose Tremolo, and stuff like that), and I have a few Fender Stratocasters...
I'm not looking to Re-Locate, or travel an hour once a week for Practice....I'm just looking for a band that I can play with, make some money from gigs (I Was Raised by my father who's a Blues man, and Also a very good Guitar player himself, and has been a money-making musician since he was 17...) and he knows all the people to talk to to get gigs, I Have all the stuff for Recording an Album in the down stairs floor of my house...Plenty of room to play, No Neighbors that would call the cops on us for a noise complaint or any **** like that....please....I'm just looking for a band to make it big with, and I'm a very Versatile Guitar player, I can play any kind of music really. Please no Country Bands, Polka, or any Weird **** like that, Rap, not Strange **** like that...I'm Mainly into Metal, Punk Rock/Pop-Punk, 80's Metal, 90's Grunge Rock, Current Rock, Texas Blues, etc...
Randy Rhoads (December 6, 1956 – March 19, 1982)
Dimebag Darrell (August 20, 1966 – December 8, 2004)
Les Paul (June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009)
Ronnie James Dio (July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010)
that's an impressive stock of gear you got there. i live in worcester and have been playing bass for a few years now, though never in a band. i can't say i have that much to work with - just a cheap 4-string ESP and a little 15 watt peavey, but i'm really into metal and grunge
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