batteries not include: solid riffing, but the tone could use some work, as could the recording..you need more bite in your tone. the drums were really good... are they real? the guitar could come up a bit in the mix...i got a bit bored, maybe do like an extended solo over this or add vocals?

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I liked the opening riff I thought it was pretty good and attention-grabbing. Nice build up to the second riff, which is also good. I must also add that your drums sound amazing - I wouldn't be surprised if you said they were real. I think you should make your tone more powerful if you know what I mean. I liked the harmony part in the first solo. I thought that the riff was a bit repetitive but that could be easily solved with vocals. Of course if you are planning on keeping it instumental add a little drum variation or something. Oh, and the tapping part in the second solo was ace. Overall, a good track, well done.

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i listened to "Batteries Not Included" and great riffs. i thought it sounded really professional, awesome riffs in there. i think the the drums need to be turned down or the guitar needs to be turned up. great solo towards the end. sounds really good, a solid hard rock song. get some vocals and you'll be set. keep it up.

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I'd say turn down the treble in your EQ, it might give you less of a twangy and more of a heavier metalish sound. Repetition might also be an issue... I just felt like I heard the same riff too many times in the Batteries song. Other than that the lead parts were good and the drums were good. If you want to add lyrics just bang some out, they don't have to rhyme or anything, you can just play with it. Doesn't hurt to try! Good effort overall.

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