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Depends. That won't work on a 6-screw vintage style Strat trem..

That's probably why it says in the description that you need to enlarge the two end holes to fit it....
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Well, first off, the threadstarter didn't specify what kind of trem it was replacing.

Second, a lot of MIA Strats now use a 2 point trem. They're probably talking about that.

fair enough

but I'm also in the proccess of painting a guitar with 2 point holes, so I'm also curious as to whether this is a good trem to use!!
it is a 6 point but i thought that with a drill it might work
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This is deep
Was the pun intended?
Actually no

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if one was to fill the six holes then drill for the new bridge would this be a good idea?
I put one of those (not from guitarfetish-more on that later) on a MIM body, it works just fine. Drilling the outer holes isn't a big deal and you can just put the old screws back in the middle 4 to cover them, it looks fine.
Don't get your trem from guitarfetish though. All the trems I've used from them have been very bad. Gotoh makes a really good version of the VS-100N. It's an excellent trem.