Hi people

Just wondering what is the best amp to use with a boss gt8. Or doesn't it really matter as long as the amp has an effects loop.

Let me know.

A P.A. system. Or something really clean like a Roland JC-120.
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marshall MG.
theres not much its ganna do to improve a tube amp

nah im just ****ing
i dont know go try it out at the store
It depends if you want to use the amps original sound or not. If you just want to use GT8 preamps then what H4T3BR33D3R said. If you want to use your GT8 as an effects only unit then you should use the 4 Cable Method. This lets you put effects before and after your amps preamp like stompboxes. You need an amp with a effects loop for that (preferably serial).
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I i want to use the GT8 preamps, do i still have to use the 4 cable method?

Nah, you can just run it straight up front or into the effects return if you want to bypass a lot of your amps sound colouring.

If you want to use GT8 preamps sometimes and your amps overdrive at other times then the 4 cable method would be best.
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