Poll: how much time do you spend here (on average)
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I spend my time mostly on UG and rarely in the pit
3 6%
less than an hour
7 14%
an hour or so
13 27%
2-3 hours (yay)
18 37%
4-5 hours ....... lol
3 6%
6 - 8 hours ... mmmm yeah
1 2%
9 - 11 hours woohoo
1 2%
more than 12 hours ... *cough*
3 6%
Voters: 49.
Far more than I should.
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I usually glance with caution.. The pit got be banned twice..So I'm triple checking for threads that are not contaminated with stupidity and a hidden warning.
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Far more than I should.

that breaks it down very well
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i was thinking about making that thread my self lol, but 2-3 hours


yay.. but i still love you
There is life outside of the pit?
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WHO ARE THE TWO PEOPLE WHO SPEND more THAn 12 hours here?????!!!!

who who who

why why why???!!

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yay.. but i still love you

Around 2-3 hours a night (when I don't have plans). The Pit is always good for a laugh
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