dude why dont u upload them to ur profile page.......it would be alot easier to access.
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i personally really liked this.
i can easily imagine this with vocals, it also has a very catchy melody to it.
the solo was alright, nothing to special, but enough to keep the energy up.
i liked the verse alot, even though it was fairly simple, which goes to show you don't need something super technical for it to sound good.
Chorus was a bit odd the first time i heard it, but i really started diggin it the second time i heard it liked how you changed it to triplets.

good job man, keep it up.

ps. dont bother uploading it to your profile, no one will see it there.
Listening to this right now, I really enjoy it.
All the riffs are really tight, and I loved the alternating guitar in the second interlude.
The solo was great, not over the top, just perfect.

The main riff is quite catchy and the chorus had a really driving feel to it.
I listened to this a few times.

Great job overall, I'd love to hear more.
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The beginning was great, I like that riff . Interlude is different at times. Witch is good. I gotta tell ya right now that lyrics will make a huge difference lol. Good song thow very easy listening. Solo was great didnt expect much from that beat. But u gave it life. Gj c4c! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=812978
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