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yes YES YES!!!!!! me me me!!!
35 18%
erm I dont mind
74 37%
eh no! never...
22 11%
yes,and i believe I will be famous one day! !!! !!!
47 24%
20 10%
Voters: 198.
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So tell me honestly. Do you want to be famous?have you ever wished that you had fame?

and if you were famous how would you deal with fame and the stuff that comes along with it, for example the paparazzi ...

edit: and WHAT do you want to be famous for ( i know this is a guitar forum ... LOL)
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it would be nice but im not too bothered

who am i kidding? of course i do
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My music is my life. I plan to do everything in my power to get famous. But famous isn't quite the word for it, I'd say more like widely respected. Most people will tell you that the odds of even getting signed by a bigger label are impossible, and that if you want to even try you NEED a backup plan. Both are BS. If you're willing to sacrifice and put in the hard work, its perfectly obtainable. So really yes, I do plan on becoming famous.

How will I deal with the paparazzi? Assuming I even will have to, I'll probably try to manipulate them and have them take the most bizarre pictures of me simply to gain publicity.
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Only if it's by making music that I love.
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Not particularly, I'm perfectly content with how my life is now.
But if I was going to be famous, I'd like it to be as a revolutionary. They never really die. Unfortunately I'm not passionate enough about anything to even write a letter or two.
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I want success....If fame comes with success then so be it.
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I really don't care if I'm famous or not, I just want to be happy in life.
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Not really... The most famous I'd want to be is like Dream Theater-level fame


not exactly huge, but big enough...

or if not then just big in my area, if you get me...
I just wanna play guitar in a rock n roll band. Famous or not. All though a little fame whould be cool, but not like Britney Spears famous.

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i wouldnt want to be famous, but being recognized in guitar circles would be awesome. Like Kirk Hammett or Marty Friedman( and no im not comparing them) theyre not followed around by papparazi like famous actors but they get to do interviews with guitar world and metal fans know who they are.
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meh, I don't mind, tis too cunning for my mind anyway.

You like the word 'cunning', don't you?

And i wouldn't mind being famous.
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No, or maybe yes. I want to be a famous musician but i dont want to be so famous that people recognize me on the street. I want to be known by people that enjoy my music not by people who dont enjoy my music. Not like Britney Spears like someone said.
Yes. Because then I could date famous people
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Kind of. Not like, Mick Jagger or Bono levels of fame. More like, say... Peter Stroud. Or Frank Gambale.

And I'd like to be known for playing guitar. Duh.
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Yes. Because then I could date famous people
This is the single biggest perk I can imagine to being famous. Evanna Lynch and Ellen Page, attainable? I'd kill a baby for the oppurtunity.
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I have two very simple, easy to understand words pertaining to this thread:

Fuck fame.

Seriously, fame kills things, and almost never does a band A LOT of good.

Now, well known? That's a different story. I would love to be well known for something, preferrably something unique to only me, and something I can call my own.

Remembered for something wouldn't be bad, either.

But I don't want fame. Tom Cruise is famous. 50 Cent is famous. Ozzy is famous.

I want the same status as people like Justin Broadrick, Mike Sullivan, Sabrepulse, Trevor de Brauw, Mookie Singerman, Adam McGrath, etc.

Well known, enough to impact people, but now famous.
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...I'm not gonna lie. Of course I want to be famous!
But I want to be famous for my musical talent. And if I'm ever famous but not happy with where I am personally, I'll stop.
only for something where I won't get a ****load of media attention, like a successful writer or jazz pianist or music producer. Something where I won't be in tabloids every day *ahemamywhinehouseahem*
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I don't to be forgotten soon after my death. I want to be a legend like, Hendrix or something. And I want to be remembered for skill/music, not for some sex scandal or something.
no, because: A: if I would get famous, like REALLY FAMOUS, I would have too much money, and could buy anything I want. so that means that I wouldn't probably have a nice life and B: no matter how hard I would try, i'm sure that I wouldn't be famous
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