I am not a super beginner but i am not that great at playing yet I own a Dean Mlx and a Crate 15w amp. I have had a very hard time finding easy metal (an kind) songs for me to play. I would hope to someday play songs by my favorite bands Trivium and Children Of Bodom. Thanks for any help provided.
try some metallica
master of puppets, one...
i'm almost 15 and have been playing 4 a year. those aren't that hard




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Iron Maiden has a couple of semi-easy riffs that get your fingers movin like Number of the Beast and Aces High. Also try Unholy Confessions and Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold.
If you want to play Trivium, try out the Rain Song...COB I think every ****in' song is too hard... =P

EDIT : Laid to Rest is a easy song, you only need to learn how to play pinch harmonic...
Laid to rest isn't easy at all. The harmonic is the least of your concern bro.

Like Light to flys is a pretty easy trivium song.
Like light to the flies' solo is too hard...laid to rest's only difficult is pinch harmonic...
Metallica (if you're gonna listen to trivium listen to who they copy) - For Whom the Bell Tolls or Whiplash (Be careful, fast).

Trivium, Dying in your arms? Solo takes time to get down.

Bodom: A lot of the rhythm parts aren't that challenging. Try combining the needled 24/7 main riff with the rhythm parts. Sixpounder has easyish rhythm parts, but is Drop C. If i were you i'd play it in dropped d.

Laid to rest or Redneck By Lamb of god are relatively easy and both drop d
Quote by outlaw767676
try some metallica
master of puppets, one...
i'm almost 15 and have been playing 4 a year. those aren't that hard

DO NOT LISTEN!!! Master of Puppets and One are both really hard, much too difficult for a beginner, but 'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica is pretty easy.
^^^^True words of wisdom spoken from a genius

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Aces High by Iron Maiden, a lot of AC/DC, including Back in Black, I just don't know if you would call that metal, as opposed to rock, people draw the border between the two at different places depending on the person.
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Paradise city, Beast and the harlot, blinded in chains, master of puppets(except for the solo) are pretty easy, but Avenged sevenfold wouldn't really be heavy meatl
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Iced Earth - 1776
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Metallica - Seek and Destroy

These are what I recommend as a player that just passed 1 year. These songs will develop your palm muting, triplets, and speed picking. Play the rhythm parts to all of these songs. I downloaded them from here at UG. I just got th highest star rated guitar pro tabs.

LoG - Laid to rest is relatively easy at about 50 - 75% speed, but getting it their speed is ridiculous. So, you can play that or 11th Hour by LoG too but at slower speeds. It's still fun and sounds good.

Good Luck!
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