im stuck

which do you guys think makes more sense

buy a new neck for a 1985 charvel with a kahler (the one now is cracked), or replace the bridge pickup in a bc rich

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pickup replacement is cheaper.
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Well, both make sense but I'd say the one that NEEDS to be taken care of first is the neck. The pickup is just an upgrade, and not immediately necessary.
If you get a new neck, it's gonna be costly. Depends in the end on which you like better. The pickup is cheaper, but if you don't like the guitar as much and aren't going to play it afterwards, get the neck. The neck should probably be fixed first, but like I said it depends on what you want out of the guitars. If you're in a band playing gigs, the pickup is probably more realistic for the immediate future.
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If you get a new neck, it's gonna be costly.

Not really. You can pick up a decent, used Charvel from EvilBay for about $60.00
You can even get a new Charvel licensed replacement from Mighty Mite for about $125.00

Hell, a decent humbucker costs $65.00 these days.
I would replace the Charvel neck. The Charvel is at least playable. I would try to repair it first though before junking it. A repair will likely be cheaper and probably won't hurt the value as badly as turning it into a parts mutt would.

EDIT: Wait, the Model 5? Model 5s were made in 1986 and are neck-thru. Your only option IS a repair.