Normally I don't hang around this area nor do I know if this is the right place to post (would be grateful if the thread would be relocated afterwards if so).

There is a problem with my guitar, which started happening like a month ago. When plugged into my amp, after around a minute of playing, the sound starts to deteriate and fuzz a lot. I've tried other leads, re-connected main lead at back, and even plugged my other guitar into the amp, to make sure which had the problem- it was the guitar.

Does anyone know how I can 'fix' this? or any advice?
Do you have active pickups? If so, It may need a battery change. If not, take a look at the wiring for your output jack. Something may have come loose, or you might just want to pick up a new output jack to put in it.
Bad jack?
Either your actives need a new battery or your pickup coil is dying and you need to replace the pickup. This can happen at any time depending on how it is cared for or how it was cared for before they sold it to you.
if your guitar has EMG's then you may need a battery change,
you might have a faulty jack plug so you might need to open your guitar and check for lose connections
it actually sounds like a problem in your amp... I could be wrong though... Try plugging your guitar into a friends amp. Also, if you have active pickups try changing the battery.
Hi again,

Yes I do have active pickups- I have 2 EMGs. However, I've only had the guitar since last summer, and honestly I don't play more than 3 hours a week on it , seems kind of 'pricey' changing a battery..

Should I take it to maintainance or should I follow some instructions here?

JAWEDIT: Sorry, just noticed that batteries are standard 9Vs or something, and just read on another forum that the stock batteries are crap. It shouldn't be too hard to change I guess, just unscrew screws and should be straight forward.

Many thanks for the halp guys.
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