ok, i stayed up til like 3 a.m. researching all about what i wanna buy next for my guitar equipment, and i found these 2 pedals: the "marshall gv-2 guv'nor" and the "vox V847A" wah. are they good? do you recommend them? also, i'm an intermediate player (i can play eruption), so right now i'm not looking for "perfect" sounding equipment.
also for the guv'nor, i play mostly rock and metal like guns n roses, metallica, and others. so would that be a good distortion for me.
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For metal the Vox wah is not the best. It sounds great on no and medium gain levels, but not on high gain. The Guvnor is a great pedal. It has a very thick tone, very Gary Moore'ish.

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I don't think the Vox designs wah pedals solely around playing metal... Try the Ibanez Screaming Demon its around $100
The guv'nor on the other hand is sacred for metal in my opinion.
I like the vox. Don't know if it sounds good on high dist. though.
so about the ibanez screaming demon, would that sound bad on low gain too?
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I like the vox. Don't know if it sounds good on high dist. though.

the vox doesn't sound too good with a lot of distortion, i have it and when playing with high distortion the pedal is almost transparent
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