As a self taught guitarist i have had a great deal of support and advice from forums like this - so thanks very much. But i have another question.
I am curently trying to work on my picking speed and am coming up with 3 notes per string runs which i practice to a metronome (like a good boy).

currently, my metronome says 138bpm, and i play three notes for each "beep" cleanly (i am guessing this means i am just over 400notes per minute). i know this is as slow as a snail compared to a lot of you guys, but what i need is a reasonable "target".
i have not got the desire to constantly play shred (or the ability for that matter) but i do want a level of competancy which will open up my playing options more e.g i would love to play the sweet child of mine solo at full pace.
what speed should i aim for p.s could you please be aware i dont know my musical terms very well, so could you limit replies to something like set your metronome at Xbeats per minute, and play x number of notes in between them (words like 16th notes etc confuse me). thanks very much
to be honest, none.

speed isn't important, you get fast by being accurate - if you TRY to play faster then you invariably screw up.
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I fully agree with Mr Seagull. Sod the speed, work on getting it accurate and the speed will follow of it's own accord. Aim to have fun ,more than anything, guitar is hard work but it ain't supposed to be like studying.