i know i sound like an idiot for asking but could someone please explain the concept of drop c tuning. i dont know like how to do it and allot of songs i play i play on standard tuning and it sounds like crap.. please help
automatically tuning to drop C won't make something sound better (unless its intended to be played in that tuning)

basically you need to drop the strings from EADGBE (low to high) down to CGCFAD (low to high)
its essentially tuning down a whole step but with the lowest string tuned down another step

if you plan on keeping it in this tuning long term, you might need to get your trussrod ajusted. You should also get some thicker strings, maybe 11s.

hope that makes sense
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Tune every string down one step (or two frets)
then drop your low E (which is now a D) down another step (to C)
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If you play alot of that kinda stuff, then go ahead and get em. String-wise, I have 10s on my Gibson scale guitar, and tbh, they are a little floppy. But they are playable. If you tune your E string down to D, then tune to 5ths from there, then tune your D string C, you have Drop C. Thats probably the next easiest way, other than an electronic tuner.