How big is too big? My chops are maybe 1cm past my ear lobe, and don't get much wider than where the sideburn begins. I'm getting alot of comments from random people at school saying how awesome my chops are, but I'm not sure if I'm being awesome or being epic retarded.
If you like them, and they look presentable, then what else matters? I'm not a fan of sideburns, but it's what you like, since it's your hair.
dude, sideburns / chops can never be too big. also you are being awesome in the eyes of people commenting you. people say it to me aswell
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it can go down far, but just make sure its trimmed and neat lookin
u look like trash if they are like an inch long
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it can go down far, but just make sure its trimmed and neat lookin
u look like trash if they are like an inch long

Yeah I try my best to keep the hairs short, but they kind of look like pubes
I'm so mega jealous! I wish I could grow some awesome chops. Bass player who sits next to me in Geography has megachops.
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my brother used to have chops so big they were essentially a beard with the kneck and chin shaved. That was kickin!
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I used to have some killer chops.

Now I just rock the half-assed chin beard.
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mine go right to my jawline, I keep them trimmed short.
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mine look like danzig's
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I don't think they should be monstrous, but keep them nice and not to long (As in the length of the hair).
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Can someone get the picture of the Janitor from scrubs with his awsome mutton chops?

this one?
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this one?


I freaking love that episode. It's even funnier the way it grows in, even though it was fake, but still.
my chops could be better. im not too fast and cant sweep, but my rythyms pretty good and i can play for a long time.

oh wait....

on topic, if i dont shave for about a week, it looks like someone did a hair transplant with my pubes. unpleasant.

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So yes.
They are indeed awesome things.

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I used to have some pretty epic ones. Shaved them last weekend.
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