or another tube amp thats 15 g that isn't too heavy and is about 400-500
i've heard palimono but i hear they arent very reliable
Palomino amps are nice i think. Peavey makes the Windsor Studio combo, which is out now. If you keep the same type of tubes as the stock ones, you get 14w i thin. But it can go up to 20. And it has an attenuator, so if you need even less wattage/volume, u can use that.
Peavey made a Classic 20 and the Bravo which was also 20W or so, but they're both discontinued.

The Traynor YCV 20 is probably the best amp in this class, or you could go with a Fender Blues or Pro Jr. I bought the Palomino V16 for my son, and it's been great. It's one of the original Made in the USA models, though, which might make a difference. I think the Blackheart 15W might be out now, too.

I hear the Peavey Windsor Studio has been a disappointment so far.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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yeah the palomino v16 would be the closest thing...
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