So I don't have any nuts for the pots that I'm installing in the guitar I'm building. I went to an Ace hardware store and a Homedepot and they did not have nuts with a fine enough thread.
I was wondering if anyone knew what size I should get/where I can get these? I can't continue with my project unless I get these nuts.
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That's very odd. They should have them at Home Depot or Ace. I went to Aco (Ace knock-off) and picked up a missing nut for a pot I had.

Maybe someone on here can send you a few?
Sincerely, Chad.
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Pots should have come with them unless you lost them. There are 2 sizes. And you will find lowes home depot are really limited on what they have usually everything but what you need. You may have to order them from a guitar supply place. Just remember to get the right size.