What is the best pedal to overdrive a high-gain tube amp, like a Mesa F50 or B--52 AT112?
You could use a BOSS ME-20, and set it to your own liking, but depending on what you want, and how strong you want it you may jut need a few smaller pedals, like a heavy metal overdrive one
Ibanez TS808 I'd say

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You mean the BEST, or the best you can afford?

Ts08 would be pretty sweet and not that expensive. Vintage one would be better.

Analogman makes some REALLY nice mods to OD pedals.
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Budget? I guess around $50. No more than $100 though. But if the Tube Screamer is the best, I guess I'll go with that.
If $50 is all you have, than a Bad Monkey is the best you're going to get in that range, but if you can stretch to 100 you could get a TS9.
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What's the budget? I'm assuming you don't have $1500 for a CJOD.

And I thought that Jermie guy was crazy for buying a $1k reverb effect...
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Ha sry to kind of steal the thread but which would be best for metal? Same price range as well (around $100)
sd1 or badmonkey
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Ibanez tube screamer modded to an ts808.

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what exactly are you looking for the overdrive to do? i mean a tubescreamer isnt going to give you a ton more gain on its own, its more going to push the tubes harder if the amp is cranked and get your gain that way. it will also tighten up your sound a bit, which is nice. what im trying to say is, dont expect the pedal to give you high gain sounds on its own at low volumes.