If a guitar had its serial number removed and replaced by a serial number from a retail shop, then "USED" was stamped on the back of the headstock, does this mean that it's a factory second or blem? If not, what else would it mean?
its a factory second/blemished if its got the serial removed and used stamped on it
the used stamp is to keep the less scruptulous among us from reselling a blemished/factory second guitar as new
This one is about 1/3 of MSRP and less than half of what they went for new. I know it's used, I just don't know if it's damaged. Should damage from a blem be pretty obvious or can they be screwed up without any visible blemishes?
it all depends on where you buy it from
blemishes/flaws on factory seconds are usually nothing signifigant
if its been refurbished, then its probably a safe buy
BUT, if it has not been refurbished there could be a issue with the electronics or something along those lines

if you're buying from a store, you'd be best off trying it out to make sure everything works the way it should

if you're buying online, it would be nice if you'd put up a link or something
Arent those demo models like guitars they hang on the walls at guitar center/sam ash?

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