I've just inhereted five Rush albums, 2112, A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves and Signals. I'm curious, what is the best album to start getting into Rush as I've heard no end of great reviews and comments on them. I love Porcupine Tree and Rush's guitarist guested on one of their recent albums.
2112 is probably their most popular, but their all amazing

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As someone who's seen Rush multiple times in concert, I'd say start with anything BUT Signals. I would recommend either 2112 or Hemispheres.

The reason is that some people LOVE Signals and think it's one of their best albums, and some people hate it. If you need further proof, go look on wikipedia. One of the reviews is like, four and a half stars, and Rolling Stone gave it two stars.

Personally, I think Signals has its ups and downs. Subdivisions is one of my favorite songs, and there are some others on there, but just don't start with it. The others are much more friendly.
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On Permanent Waves, check out Spirit of the Radio. Great song, easy to get into rush listening to it. You will probably like the whole 2112 album, but it's most famous for the song entitled 2112. I recommend you get Moving Pictures as well, it's one of my favorite albums ever.