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Bad luck
15 23%
23 35%
27 42%
Voters: 65.
Today, after school during track practice (well, it's inbetween season so technically we don't have to practice) we were playing ultimate frisbee.
I threw the frisbee, my friend was about to catch it, but instead he hit it up with his hand accidentally and ended up somehow breaking his front tooth in half.

This comes after another frisbee related injury two weeks ago. I threw the frisbee into the endzone, my friend chased it down, he caught it, but he slipped on some ice and fell, cutting his knee wide open on the curb (it was buried under the snow). He landed just right on it so that it just massively cut his leg open. He need 6 stitches to stitch the muscle back together and 8 more to close the wound.

Note both guys aren't the same people. Also note I threw the frisbee both times...

So is it like bad luck, or am I cursed?
WTF is 'ultimate frisbee'??
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You're deliberately but Un-consciously Dealing with them.
What have they done to you in the past?
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you probably just play a lot of frisbee, and at a high enough rate of frisbee throwing you're bound to hurt some people, even on a two week time scale.

or it's just plain old coincidence.
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WTF is 'ultimate frisbee'??

It's the greatest game ever invented.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
Yep, its another well documented case of "frisbee rage" They hate you.

Both injuries were caused by those people being tits. If you're a genius, you dont run on ice, and hit yourself in the face, eh?
My friend threw a frisbee in our common room the other day- it his a girl in the eye, and she has to be operated on.

I don't understand why people find it funny- even her best friends giggle while telling the story. I think it's terrible.
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WTF is 'ultimate frisbee'??

you must live a sad life...
s;adlkfjsd was by far the most appropriate answer

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It's bad luck for them.

However, you have a sadistic streak that subconciously strives to hurt your friends.

My dad burst my lip completely open with a frisbee when I was 2. It hurts.
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Gutted, like a rather large fish and also, what is this 'Ultimate Frisbee' you all speak to highly of?
Oh right.
Our team can't go two days without an injury.
Maybe if we laid off the ultimate frisbee and full contact football inbetween season...
I mean we've seriously had more injuries during the off-season that during the actual season.
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Gutted, like a rather large fish and also, what is this 'Ultimate Frisbee' you all speak to highly of?

I feel bad for you...not knowing about this amazing game...
I don't even know if we can call it a game, it's too great for that.
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WTF is 'ultimate frisbee'??

its basically football with a frisbee.

edit: ur cursed, fo sho.