who do you think are some of the best metal groups around, even if they died ages ago i still want to hear your opinion, whether they came out yesterday or started up in the 80's

personally, i think one of the best in history, and that are still goin are probably slayer

the band from history that have finished and are great, are Pantera, RIP Dimebag-Greatest guitar player ever to live

the new band that is good is probably arch enemy, they have to be one of my favourite bands, but this is just my opinion, whats yours?
greatest still going = Judas Priest

greatest from past = Death (R.I.P. Schuldiner)

greatest new band = Opeth

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Iron Maiden
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Eluveitie is the best of the present metal bands imo and Iron Maiden is one of the better older bands.
Metallica, even now
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Metallica, even now

but id have to say

best band still going: Iron Maiden

best finished band: Death

best new band: Opeth
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