Ok, Rock on the Range is coming up in a few months.

If you haven't heard of it, it's basically a ton of modern rock/heavy rock bands in Columbus, Ohio on may 17th and the 18th. Tickets are around $100 or so but its going to be so worth it, also this give you enough time to plan for it.

It is going to kick ass!

Here is the actual site: http://www.rockontherange.com/

And here's the Line up

forgive me if something about this has been posted already I didn't bother to look
LOL!!!!! KId Rock, wtf???

the only bands that I would want to see are killswitch engage and black tide
Looks interesting. I'd go if I was more into that genre. And if i lived closer.....
Anyways, looks like a killer line up to people who are into that kind of music.
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Looks crap.

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