Hello all,

I have been playing my Squire Fat strat for about 3 years now, and I wanted to upgrade it. Anything under around say $700-900? I play metal, heavy metal, hard rock and some thrash, also I like to whammy alot. So yes, I like playing the hard stuff. Anyway, I was thinking any good Ibanez or Jackson would be nice, but I'm not completely sure which one would meet my needs. Hope you guys could possibly help me there

With my strings, the last set I had where d'addario 10-46 gauge. They lasted a really long time, so I was very happy with them, But! everytime I drop tune to D,C, or even B, the strings just go out of shape and hardly give any tone at all and just keep buzzing. That and, whenever I try to drop tune, they dont stay drop tuned. They just start going out of tune as soon as I play a song, so I would also like a recommendation on a set of strings thats good for my current guitar (Squire strat). also wanted to know if a "Locking Nut" is appliable to my guitar? If so, how would I go about doing it etc..

Now, my tremelo. Everytime one of my strings breaks, those little latches just fall apart on the tremelo (or bridge). Another thing is, everytime I whammy, I can hear my strings cracking or something through my amp, which puts the strings out of tune and that means everytime I want to whammy, i would have to re-tune my whole guitar. I don't know if this is normal on the squire guitars, but I heard that you can't whammy on squires, or even any fenders for that matter.

So yes, I know its alot of reading, but it would help me a great deal

Thanks in advance.
ernie ball slinkys are good with whammy, my strat ripoff (w/ super slinkys) rarely untunes. my artcore amazes me though, it stays wherever i tune it, ie C standard.
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