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So I installed Windows XP home today and I noticed I wasn't able to get online. My setup is like this: Cable > Cable modem > wireless router > my computer. So I call costumer support at comcast and they tell me to do this and that. Basically the only way I'm online now is cause I shut down the computer and disconnected the cable modem and re-arranged the connections so right now it's Cable > Cable modem > my computer. My dad has a laptop and needs to get online.

My router is a D-Link router and I called them up and they wanted me to pay money for service so I said **** that and came here.
You need to access your router, there's not a whole lot that can be done by us.
You'll need the address of your router, it'll be an IP address ( or something)
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if you can conect to the net with ur computer after calling customer support.
then you probably have security on your modem or router, which is disabling ur dads laptop from connecting.
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The connection should go something like this:

-Cable (input) to cable modem (obviously)
-Ethernet (output) to Router (D-Link in your case)
-Extra Ethernet from D-Link to Computer - note: make sure the input ethernet is put into the input jack of the router and then the output ethernet is going from one of the four output connections into your computer (most routers have 4 output ethernets)
-open up your web browser; firefox or internet explorer
-type in (google search tells me that's what D-link router ip's are - might want to consult your manual for this)
-it should be some kind of a step by step setup page where you can configure your BSSID, WEP, or WPA encryption - I recommend WPA, harder to hack
-configure your dads laptop to connect to your wireless router and supply him with the WEP/WPA pass if applicable

That's all you need for a basic connection according to my experience, hope that helps.

Edit: If the supplied router address in this post doesn't work, and for some reason you lost your manual/guide, try this: open command prompt - "WIN+R" > "cmd" > hit enter and type:
"ping -r 1 www.google.ca"
press enter
and look at the address that is listed next to "Route:"
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