So recently joined a new band, and they're totally sweet. Fun and talented guys, great music, overall cool times. They're totally devoted to their music, which is awesome compared to my old band. Now they have plans on touring and traveling as much as they can after high school. You know the whole buy a van n trailer thing. They were even talking about possibly hitting up the UK. So my thing is that I would totally love to travel with them, but I'm wondering about what kind of effect that will put on future.

Ya I had plans to go to college for professional audio engineering or something (havent completely decided yet), but this is a once in a life time opportunity. I figure that I should travel while I still can, cause once I go to college, I have to get a job afterwards and then when would I get a chance like this?
So if travel with them, I'd get a chance to see the world, have great times and live life to the fullest. And then what ever happens afterwards, if we were to continue, possibly get signed, or break off and go our own ways, then I could go to college or whatever and settle down. I definetly dont see myself doing this kinda thing my whole life, so after I have lived life, I could settle down.
Those are my thoughts, what do you guys think of it? Thanks much.
go with the band and earn money for college and to be sure you know what you want to do in college
I'd imagine that if you're trying to get into a good music college some road experience would probably be helpful.
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well think it over with band first and your parents let them know what your plans are,

if i were you i would hit the road for a bit and take some time to reflect on your school life and and some fun, and once your done you can always go on a collage course if you want
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it sounds like a pretty good plan many people would love to see the world and have some awesome memories, its good that you have a grip on reality and know that being an incredibly successful musician may not happen for you
go to an online college
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All of you guys are thinking exactly the way I am and I love it. Plus I hadn't thought about an online college, thats a pretty good idea too.