sorry if this is the wrong forum can someone tell me how to get the black sabbath sound, I have line 6 30 watt practice amp spider 3 and a les paul and a randy rhoads flying v how should i tune the guitar to get the down tuneing if someone can tell me what i can tune each string to would be great thanks
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I know early black sabbath was in standard E, later (post-paranoid) was c# standard (from low to high: C# F# B E G# C#) and Eb standard (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb).
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its hard to get an iommi sound, since its really really vintage, this old stuff that is. His newer stuff, it would help to tune a half step down, also the way he plays powerchoords, he allways plays high up on the lower strings, rather than lower on the higher strings, for example, he'll play an E powerchoord at the 12th fret on the low E string, instead of 7 on the A.

Also consider his lead style, he uses alot of licks based around the minor pentatonic, wiht some aeolian also though, most of his licks are quick hammers and pull offs, ending in the root note, played in quick succession, have a look at his solo's and analyse his playing style.

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Iommis sound varies a bit as you go thru the albums. As stated he used standard tuning on the first 2 albums then started drop tuning. But he also used really light strings which is the opposite of whats usually done when drop tuning. He doesnt use much in the way of effects, a wah and a treble booster. His favorite guitar blackie has p90 in the bridge and a pretty old not so high powered humbucker in the neck. I have seen him in old videos using p90s in both positions. I play alot of sabbath dont use any pedals other than a tube screamer. Set my lead channel to about 6 gain with the gain on my TS set at half and crank my guitar volume. But the stuff off the first album doesnt need so much distortion. Im using 2 LPs one with humbuckers another with p90s.