ok so i have a fender strat (mexican) an it has pretty good sound, i put a few things on it to adance it. it has a very rich and thick tone but the tone i want it a very thin sound u would get with ds-1 pedal and a classic mustang. that grunge tone. is there anyway i can get this tone??
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You must be mistaken: it doesn't get get much thinner than a Strat in the 'inbetween' positions.
No sir. I believe YOU might be the one who is mistaken. The switching on the Mustang also allowed the pickups to be used out of phase with each other. That is much thinner than a Strat in the 'inbetween' positions.

Guitar_Pick11, you could install a phase switch for your middle pickup. That will make the sound extremely thin in positions 2 and 4. But before you do that, try lowering your pickups. More distance from the strings to the pickups will give you a sweeter, brighter tone. If an adjustment gets you where you want to go, that's easier than wiring.
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