yo, i just switched from a spider 75 to a cube 60, and i think the spider's crappy tone has ruined my sense of tone. anyways, i saw this post on you tube a while back, sent him a reply for the tone settings and i haven't got a reply for weeks. Im using the same amp as him, i was wondering if you guys could help me figure it out, because im not that great at EQ and i have tried tons of different settings myself. anyways, heres what i need if possible, heres the video


amp model: (im guessing rectifier)

thanks in advanced

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Lots of gain, r-fier or metal, lots of treble, medium bass, almost no mids. And a bit of reverb. That should get you close.
what guitar and pickups are you using? that might have an impact.

if you have a youtube account, ask that guy if he replaced anything on the guitar.
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Treble: 10
Gain: 10
Bass: 5ish
Mid: 6ish
Presence: 10

and a little reverb
just experiment, try something, play the song if that specific one doesnt sound right, mix it up a little.
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