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So today after school, me and my friend decided to go to a smokeshop in the next town over so I could buy a bowl. I just turned 18 recently and decided it would be easier to buy one rather than making homemade ones for the rest of my life.

So we buy it, go back to my house, and our other friend we were meeting up with later calls and said he was about 5 minutes away from my friends house. So we left my house and started driving over.

The problem is that my friend I was with all day had been ignoring his mothers calls. He thinks shes bi polar and crazy, though hes not all there either. But the real issue with this is that he does nothing to help himself in that situation. Whenever theres a problem and shes mad or anything he just adds to the fire.

anyway, on the way there, his mom calls again, and this time he picks up. At this point shes furious, and asks him where he's been. He told her he was with me and him and I were coming over. I could clearly hear her say that she wanted him to drop me off and come home. After he hung up I asked if she wanted me to not be there, and he said not to worry.

So we get to his street, and he tells me to get out of the car.
What the ****?
He starts yelling at me and tells me I have to get out of the car and just hide in the woods for like 2 minutes until she leaves. So I get out of the car and hide behind a fence next to his house. Our other friend was already there.
he calls again and tells me to wait just one second.
so I wait, play a game on my phone.

Then he calls again and tells me to get out of sight because his is in the driveway. I told him to just chill because I was hidden. So I look through the crack in the fence and his mom is not only in the drive way, but is searching his car. Then I remember my bowl is still in the glove compartment. I watch the woman go into the glove box, find the bag it was in, and storm into the garage. At that point all I can hear is glass being smashed against the floor and screaming.

I called my friend inside and told him, who fully blamed me, and said he wouldnt take the fall for me at all. Long story short, she left, I went in, yelled a little at him.

Then I see her car pull back into the driveway. So I run outside and hide, but eventually said screw it and came out.

So me and my other friend are shouted at, and forced to leave. But my friend had said that the kid was just too stubborn and stupid to just apologize for not picking up the phone, and got himself into a huge argument with her over nothing, which made her search the car.

Now granted, I wasn't really thinking when I was yelled at to get out of the car, and didn't even think about my bowl, and I obviously didn't think she would search the car, because there was no reason for her to do so. But is this really entirely my fault? He lied to me, kicked me out of the car, and pretty much sold me up the river. If it were my friend I would have just said it was someone else's instead of just selling him out like that to save my own ass. So I just really need someone else's point of view on this.
I did later whem I was with my other friend. I feel pretty bad because he IS still in trouble, but the whole thing could have been easily been avoided if he was just smart enough.

and of course, my BRAND NEW BOWL
it's your pipe so say it is. His mother is going to give you less **** than she can give you
dude, not ur fault. He kinda f*cked up, not you.
also metaldud536, that's an awesome avatar. mine is a South Park Ryusuke
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dude, not ur fault. He kinda f*cked up, not you.
also metaldud536, that's an awesome avatar. mine is a South Park Ryusuke

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Tell him he should reimburse you, and once you get your money, never talk to the mofo again. Sounds like a dickhead to me. What you gotta think about is...If he is going to tattle on you to his mother what do you think he would do when confronted by a cop, or school person, or anyone of higher authority? Thats bull****. Don't even associate with this mother chucker.
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so hes like 18 and his mums always calling him, wow how fun that must be

You want something even more annoying...

Im 21 and my best mate is 22 and if ever he goes out he never takes his cell phone because the woman calls every 5 fucking minutes to check up on him. When Im around him, she phones me. She wants to know where we are, why we dont phone to tell her we are alright, what time we will be home, have we eaten, are we going to eat.

It drives me insane but the woman is obviously very mothery so I just put up with it... It doesnt stop me ranting at my friend and telling him to talk to his mum about it. She rules his life and its not even funny!

Threadstarter, your friend knows what is mother is like and you know what he is like. You should have asked him to pull over, get out the car and taken your bowl with you... Then again thats with hindsight.

Admit to your friends mother that the bowl was yours, tell your friend he was out of order, and move on.
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shes prolly PMSing big time or is going through the early stages of menopause

thats usually the cause of women acting insane and irrational

man, i think this is one of those scenarios that could have been easily avoided, but its not really anybodys fault. You didnt really **** up anywhere, and nobody could have anticipated that the bitch would search the car.

Man though, the bowl is whats really getting me. Good bowls arent cheap these days...

I've bought 3 or 4 bowls and a bubbler in my time as a toker, but something unfortunate always ends up happening to em..... now i just use pop bottles or get smashed instead
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