i'm new so sorry if this is the wrong place:

i am missing a volume knob on my gibson so i bought a new set, a little different so i'm going to change all of them. how do i do this? do i unscrew the panel in the back, or do i just rip the knobs off with brute strength? also, how do i know if im putting the knob on right? do i need to hook up the amp, make sure its on zero, then just make sure "0" is the number showing? i think i'm over thinking it. thanks
Just don't plug the guitar in at all.

I think you have to force them off. I think you just need to get a flathead screwdriver under them as near the center as possible and pry it off.
put a flat head or knife under them and pry turn it about a quater pry and repeat
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Knife??? Holy shiX!!! Just pull 'em off, turn all the posts up to ten and put new ones on. No tools required.
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Knife??? Holy shiX!!! Just pull 'em off, turn all the posts up to ten and put new ones on. No tools required.

thats what i was thinking.
Use a washable marker if you want to keepthem all aligned right.

As for getting them off, I'm pretty sure they are set on with glue, so you might have to get a towel to protect the paint and use a screwdriver as a lever.
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Just don't plug the guitar in at all.

He isn't changing the pots, just knobs, nothing will happen if you pull them off and the guitar is plugged in, amp on or not.

I usually have two flathead screwdrivers, I put one on either side of the knob and pry them off by twisting the screwdrivers a little, once the knob is up enough I just yank it off with my hands. I use two screwdrivers as to not put too much stress on one side, which could break a knob or screw up a pot shaft. No need to take the back cover off.

And the numbers don't really matter much, since once the amp is on you should be able to tell what volume it is at. Knob's numbers are pretty arbitrary because there isn't any mark on the body of the guitar to line it up with(like on an amp where it has the little lines). And when you put them on, all that you need to do is just push them down on the shaft.
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i just did it, i just ripped them off and shoved the new ones on, took 2 minutes. thanks