Hello everybody! well, i just got home from work, and before work i had to stop at the guitar shop for some new strings. while my man was grabbing the strings and managing my change, i decided to look at the **** guitars NEW YORK PRO, whats that ****? haha

well heres my question: i happened to see a LTD in the corner behind some ****ty V. and i looked closer and saw it had ESP pickups. from what i recall, esp pickups are decent. this guitars price tag was roughly $350.00. right now i have a washburn wi16 idol series. would this LTD put my washburn wi16 to shame? is it worth buying? if you ask me, it did seem a BIT smaller than the usual guitar, but maybe im just trippin. let me know if its a good buy!!
Depends on the model... Go back and get a model number and we can look up some stats.. I know the ESP i jsut picked up puts my RG 370 to shame... And i only paid $200 for my ESP KH-503...
it was an ibanez style, dark smokey color with a tiger-like pattern.