Hey guys.

I made up this intro riff messing around while I was fingerpicking, and I thought it sounded really cool and creepy. But, I am stuck now. I don't know how to transition this to something else. I'm trying to make a symphonic metal kind of song.

Any ideas UG?

Also I think the Em chord in the acoustic guitar doesn't fit. Do you?

Finally got past the intro. What do you guys think? Did I go the wrong way?

EDIT again: I forgot I still had that part at the end in there. It's supposed to be in 4/4 so change it if you wanna hear it.

Another EDIT: Those last chords sound worse than I meant them to.
New Song.zip
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Great use of dissonant notes, wouln't change a thing of what's there. One thing though, please please PLEASE don't turn this melodic atmospheric materpiece into a tuneless threash metal song -_-
^ Sure thing, I'm not planning on using distortion guitars that much actually, so maybe this is less metal than normal symphonic metal
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Ok since you went back to the intro come back in with bar 5 distorted, and see where that takes you, like a super eerie sounding thing kinda.