Can someone tells me what's the "correct" way to use a tube amp? (i.e. warm up time, cool down time, etc)

I am currently using a Blues Junior, but I hope that submitters will also add a section for using one with standbys, and one with 2 channels, for example.

Thank you in advance.

P.S. Yup, it's loud. My first time my father saying it's too loud... from the street.
i dont own a tube amp but i know a lot about them because i have long conversations with the salesman down at the local music store
before you play you flip the stand by switch for about five minutes before you actually turn it on, then when your done turn the power off and leave the stand by swithc on for five minutes after
The proper way to use the standby is turn amp on, let warm up for 1-2 mins and then take the amp off standby. To turn off just turn off both the switches. In all honesty the standby switch is worthless on an amp of less that say 100w. I never use mine, hell I never use the on/off switch, just turn off the power strip my amp is plugged into.

P.S. Tube amps are a lot tougher than people let on. Hell, the tubes are tougher than people thing too, that glass is thick.
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I just turn it on, and then let it sit for a minute or two while I get all my gear together, then plug up and jam.
To shut it down, I just kill it.
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The stand-by switch is for breaks during amp use, when you'll need the power tubes hot again, this helps tube and amp life. During a 4 hr gig, the standby would be used in between sets.
Ok, what if there's no standby switch? What's the proper way of turning on and shutting down?