Heres some amps im thinking of buying used;

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Peavey Classic 30
Peavey Delsta Blues Junior
Fender Blues Junior (new)

I cant spend more than 450 so which one do you think i should get for classic rock, cleans, tiny tiny metal (with a pedal) little bit of blues, and little bit of funk. To go with a fender MIM HSS Strat
Those are all very similar amps. You'd be best off trying them all. The BJ probably won't have loud enough cleans to gig, maybe not the delta blues jr depending on it's wattage.
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Too much for tha Peavey classic, try 300 on ebay. The blues jr. is a better amp but 600 used seems high. Don't know about the Fenders. For the money, the Peavey Classic is the one that seems to suit your needs. I have a 50w 2x12 classic, bought used at the pawn shop for 375, it's missing some knobs and that's it. Good luck.

For the money I think the classic 30 is going to be the best deal.
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Define classic rock, and where it ranks on your playlist. The Hot Rod's a great choice for cleans, blues, and funk, but the Peaveys do crunch better.
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Their selling a Classic 50 in one of the GC's in texas for $375 under used gear