I'm thinking of buying the Crate Flexwave to play with my band. I don't really need 120w but its hard to compete with my band mates sound. Im long overdue to upgrade, since ive been playing guitar for 2 and half years out of a measly 10w amp. They all play 100w plus amps on maximum levels. Anyways at my local guitar shop they are selling the Crate Flexwave 65w for 445$ canadian and then they have the Crate Flexwave 120w marked down to 425$ canadian. Is this because the amp is a piece of **** or is just too pricy for the quality it is?
it's a piece of ****. trust me. look to get a combo tube amp. 40-50w is plenty loud. what kindo f music do you play?
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please listen to us and dont get a crate. i had a crate halfstack once, and it was rubbish. honestly. just get a lower wattage tube amp for a little more money and blow all your band mates away tonally. they wont know what hit them.
well as you see i own a crate 350 and it does the job. yeah its not a high end amp but it has good cleans and 3 channels (idk the one you're thinking). The distortion cant be compared to tubes like they are doing but so far its been the best distortion i had from a SS for my style.

Listen to my clips they were all recorded with that one.

So if you find something better go ahead, but its a great amp to start gigging with.