We all know the single coil masters and the humbucker heroes, but who out there can really pull some music out of a P90?

For instance, when you think of single coils, you think Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, Iron Maiden etc.

When you think humbucker, it's Jimmy Page, Slash, Joe Satriani, Tony Iommi, John Petrucci etc.

But when I think of P90's, I draw a blank.

Who can help me out?
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John Lennon used P90s i think
Nick Riviera plays with P-94s if that counts
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Wes Montgomery
P-90s "for the win".
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The soapbar or P-90 pickup is known for having a distinct single-coil sound that is fatter and thicker than Fender single coils, thus it is quite popular in progressive rock and psychedelic rock bands. Famous users of P-90s are:
Wes Montgomery, influential 1950s jazz guitarist
Les Paul, inventor and jazz/session guitarist
David Gilmour - Gibson Les Paul Goldtop for the solo on "Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)"
Pete Townshend - Gibson SG, during the The Who's Tommy era
John Lennon - Epiphone Casino, starting around the recording of The Beatles' Revolver LP and continuing through his early solo career
George Harrison - Epiphone Casino, bought at the same time as Lennon's
Paul McCartney Epiphone Casino - guitar solos on The Beatles' "Taxman", "Ticket To Ride" from Help! album, etc.
Leslie West of Mountain
Carlos Santana of Santana during the recording of his first three albums
Neil Young - Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, affectionately referred to as 'Old Black', with one P-90 at the neck, as well as more traditional '50s Gold Tops, used on the recent Greendale and Freedom of Speech tours)
Robby Krieger of The Doors - Gibson SG with P-90,stolen at the end of Doors era
Mick Jones of The Clash - Double cutaway Gibson Les Paul Junior with a P-90 at the bridge
Mike Oldfield of Tubular Bells fame - Gibson SG Junior with P-90 in the neck position, one of them stolen and the other one recently sold. First used on Ommadawn.
Johnny Thunders of New York Dolls - TV Yellow Les Paul Specials and Juniors, both with P-90s
Mike McCready - SG Junior with a bridge P-90 for a short while in 1998; since 2005, has began using a Double Cut Les Paul Special with one P-90 in the bridge on Pearl Jam's self-titled album and the corresponding tour
Tony Iommi - 1965 Gibson SG Special, featured chrome covered P-90 in the bridge and a John Birch Simplux in the neck. Used on first six Black Sabbath albums.
Richard Thompson - Used a gold top Gibson Les Paul during the recording of Fairport Convention's Liege & Lief album. Now uses a custom "Ferringtoncaster" uses a P-90 in the neck position.
Tom Scholz of Boston 1968 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop.
Bob Marley used P-90s, with a wrap around bridge he took off and replaced with a stop type.
Matt Bellamy of Muse uses P-90s extensively on several of his guitars.
Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots used '57 TV Les Paul Special with P-90's prominently on their Purple and Tiny Music albums. The latter album was humbucker-free, recorded exclusively with guitars with single coils and P-90's.
Rivers Cuomo of Weezer used Double-Cut Gibson Les Paul Juniors with P-90s to record the Blue Album and the Green Album.
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rymep pretty much summed it up. Also, Mike Ness of Social Distortion and Steve Diggle of The Buzzcocks also use/used guitars with P-90s.
Wes Montgomery's the biggest I can think of, and the rest of rymep's list is unnervingly accurate.
I can also add that Gilmour still plays his Gibson Goldtop quite a lot, I think he uses it quite a bit on the Remember That Night DVD. It isn't exactly the 'Gilmour Tone' though.
Yeah Gilmour used his Goldtop for lots of the 'On An Island' recordings.

Robby Krieger was the first I thought of, he used his SG with P-90s almost exclusively.

I want an SG Junior so bad, Epiphone should re-issue a G-400 SG Junior.
leslie west's tone is pertty awesome IMO
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Angus Young?

No. And I refuse to believe Tony Iommi use P-90s.

Billie Joe Armstrong is the only one I can think of.
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robby krieger played them with the doors

the guys from pearl jam use them sometimes
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Johnny Thunders
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Pete Townshend during the Who's super awesome days.
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No. And I refuse to believe Tony Iommi use P-90s.

He did, and still does from time to time. In fact, some of the songs on their first album were recorded on a strat, but it broke and tony bought his first SG to record the rest of the album with.

By the way, thread starter, Iron Maiden do not use single coils. they all use humbuckers in the bridge and neck position, with the exception of a few guitars which have them in the middle, and Adrian has one guitar with one in the neck. But still, they use humbuckers 95% of the time.

Edit: While he may not be famous, Paul Samson plays a P-90 SG almost exclusively, and has an amazing tone.
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Angus Young?

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Yeah Gilmour used his Goldtop for lots of the 'On An Island' recordings.

Robby Krieger was the first I thought of, he used his SG with P-90s almost exclusively.

I want an SG Junior so bad, Epiphone should re-issue a G-400 SG Junior.

I have one of those.. Terrible Tuners.. Tone is alright though.. I would sell actually but Im worried because it IS my first guitar..
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ted nugent

neil young

both with legendary crunch
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Angus Young?

Yes actually, seen him on youtube.

EDIT: I've also seen the Rolling Stones using P-90 guitars, and Paul Weller plays on an Epiphone Casino a lot these days.
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Hei, don't forget Larry Carlton (in Bubble Shuffle)
He has a stock gold top from late 50's (not sure the year)
Saw Joe Bonamassa use a LP Goldtop w/P90s in concert.

Billy Corgan has them in his Reverend sig.

....and this is an old thread.
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