not bad, i like it alot. i think its to fast or rushed, maybe slow down the beat a lil bit. but other then that it sounds great. i love the distorted tone. keep it up

could u crit mine
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I thought it was pretty cool. Not my style really so i can't compare it to anything.

The bass is really nice, very funky like. The guitar work is good too. Nice chords and good stacatto. Very tight.
Nice effect on the guitar too. The distored tone is very nice. The drums are ok. Sound wise you should maybe look for a new snare sample as the oen you have is a little tinny i think.

Other then that it sounds awesome. Gets some vocals and you could have something really good.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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I would love to add vocals to this man. I think it's really sweet, but you need to slow it down just a little bit. You're really good man keep it up and keep ska alive!!!
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