write music and lyrics together as one?

i am stuck between these two

write lyrics than music or write music and lyrics together as one

like play the music and write lyrics while making the music.

i want peoples advice on tat.
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I change every time pretty much, I get good turnouts with writing lyrics first then music, and I've made good ones from writing the music first and then adding lyrics.

My advice would be don't force yourself to write all of it at once, I also often write songs piece by piece, adding lyrics or music to make it fit just right, and they probably end up being my best pieces.

i understand what u mean.

the thing i hate most with writing piece by piece is i will write a chorus than try to write a verse and think crap it does not go with it and i say F it and throw it away because i can not figure how to make it flow.
^ i pretty much write a song almost all the way through before i start putting lyrics to it. i'll write the music, make sure its good and i'm going to keep it (sometimes this can take weeks to make sure the song sounds good after multiple plays) THEN i'll start going through my lyrics to see what fits it best. if nothing fits it then i'll think about what i want the song to be about and how it makes me feel. then i'll play back a rough demo and just start singing about the subject until something good comes out. sometimes i'll sit down and write out something instead of singing to it but thats basically how mine come about.
i get a melody stuck in my head most of the time and then build lyrics from a theme
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okay i will try that.

my insturments are-
acoustic guitar,piano, and strings

thats just a idea of what im try to do.
Write down all your music and lyrics you write, even if they are only one bar. Then you can piece together, and change some (different key and time signatures etc...) to fit into a song.