I've read the stickies and I searched but I still have no clue about
how to refinish a guitar or anything for that matter. all I know is
3.clear coat

that's it! I'm soo confused! can someone explain to me how to paint?
And what types of paint should I use?
If you can't figure it out I wouldn't want to see how your guitar would end up... Seriously though its not very hard to look for some info and comprehend it. I would stop now.
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Step one-remove old finish (or rough-up existing finish)
Step two-smooth surface
Step three- seal wood
step four-spray primer coat (at this point you might see imperfections)
step five-spray base coat (3-4 solid coats)
step six(optional)-lightly sand base coat for uniformity
step seven-spray clear coats (first 3-4 coats should be a mist coat) 15-25 coats if using rattle cans.
step eight-wet sand clear coat
step nine-buff clear coat
step ten-step back and enjoy your new creation!