breaks = skids. its in my profile. short, frantic little number that i made today

it samples brasseye and is about paedophiles. what more could you want in a song?

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How are you arranging the beats? Are those loops that you're sequencing? It sounds like the "Amen Break" which is so common to jungle/D&B, thats why I ask.

I thought it could use a little melody. The beats and samples are cool, but there's not much driving the song. How about a bass line? It could even come at intervals, like when the beat stops. You could also fade it in and out, cut it back to let the beat take over, and then bring it forward in the breaks. (just a thought)

Maybe that is out of character for drum and bass, but I always listened to jungle.

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thanks for the crit. indeed, it is the fabled amen, cut up, distorted and ****ed with. i've been listening to a lotta drumfunk recently, and this was a bit of an experiment in breaks.

there is a bassline in there somewhere, i made the tune on a laptop with no proper speakers, and had to sort of guess the eqing. its unfinished atm, i just need to crowbar in a drop somewhere...

oh, and i arranged the beats in acid. it takes a long while, but imo its the most fun way of doing things.

get the original amen, loop it out a few times, then literally split, copy, paste and rearrange the beats. then just **** around with distortion, filters and pitch etc.

its time consuming but very hands on, and very fun.

--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------
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