Does anyone have tips on knowing how to make a line more simple? My band wants to play Higher by Creed, but i can't remember all of the intricate patterns in it. Is there any rhyme or reason in what to take out?
Cheap way? Skip every few notes, and hit roots when there's a big change, and let it ring out.

Finding all the root notes and just doing those is the real way, I suppose. Unless that's what the song already is... I'm not that knowledgeable on Creed.
First, my opinion: Don't play Creed.

Now I've got my musical bigotry out of the way, my advice to you is get a chord chart (surely there'll be one in the UG tabs) and follow the root on the chords, whilst adding short runs from within the notes of those chords between some chord changes.

I personally wouldn't imagine the bassline as that difficult, but I don't listen to Creed, so that's just more musical bigotry.

Other than that, if there's a single note guitar riff (as in not chords, something like the guitar part in Audioslave's Cochise) then just play what the guitarist is playing.

Finally, listen to your drummer and watch his kick patterns. Try and lock in to them unless you plan on playing straight eighths or quarters or something.
Really, I would just take the music home and practice it. If it is hard, then play it slow and gradually increase the speed until you are at the correct tempo.

Just because something is out of your range does not mean you should not at least attempt it. You might surprise yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So just sit at home with your axe for a bit and work it through.
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here ya go

dont play intro


Pre Chorus
D-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4- then at the end of the pre chorus i guess D-15-15--

Chorus - play this during vocals and dont play when he doesnt sing

thats as simple as it gets :/
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