I blew a fuse on my Amp about a week ago, but I replaced it and now the amp works fine. But now I noticed that the amp sounds a bit different than it used to. The sound isn't really bad or anything, but it's less grainy and actually a bit smoother. Like when you stand on the side of your amp instead of the front, you get a different sound. But now that sound is more dominate and it sounds better. I don't really have a reason to complain, but what would cause this to happen? I just got the amp like a month ago or so.
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mabye replaceing the stock fuse made a difference?
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how long was it before you were able to replace the fuse? maybe you just forgot how your amp sounded XD

happens to me on my podXT. i'll dial a good tone in.. come back to it in a day or two.. and end up changing it again cause its too "_____"
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