I have finally finished my strat, take a look

i have added cts 500k pots, orange drop 47 uf caps, a new jack, 3 way switch, pearliod pickgaurd, dimarzio paf & super distortion pickups, & a schaller licensed floyd rose
yea i was thinking about doing that covering it up, but with wat? i have no clue wat to put there
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looks like that nice strat just got raped
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the pickups in total= $100
pickgaurd from warmoth = $24
electronics = $20
schaller lic floyd = $140
total = $284
Oohhh thats nice. Good Job!
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looks nice, but those ugly cavaties need covering up.

And dude, seriously, why did you get rid of the single in the middle?
it looks manky

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stick thin black foam in the trem cavity it'l hide it the route better and cushion the trem when its coming back down.
I'm sorry but i think strats with humbuckers look so ugly. There is so much space between the pickups and the pickguard it just makes it look really cheap

yea im gonna put black foam in the bridge cavity later today, well after im done playing the guitar, this axe turned out soooo amazing, definitly money spent well lol & also i think i might have frets 12 through 22 scalloped, i played a couple guitars with scalloped fret & i liked it, wat do you guys think should i do it?
refret it with jumbos
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why even bother having a strat with no single coils?

personally i really like the sound of a strat with humbuckers in it.

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personally i really like the sound of a strat with humbuckers in it.

But it would still be good to have an extra single coil in the middle methinks for variety.
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why even bother having a strat with no single coils?

Because this strat is for TEH BR00TALZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it looks nice.
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This makes me want to cry. Thats horrible dude you just butchered that beautiful sunburst strat. Not only that but it looks really tacky...
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Quote by fungang
why even bother having a strat with no single coils?

maby cuz he likes strats as much as I do.
But I still have single coils in it
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i love strats, i have 2 fender strats now cus my friend just traded me his MIJ fender 70's reisuse with dimarzio's yjm single coils in neck & middle, & tone zone single coil in the bridge for a psp gaming system & some games. i realy dont play video games anymore, so i took the deal, & man this strat is amazing sounds so awesome. all it needs is a setup. im gonna take care of that tomorrow