yeah, satriani like Always With Me, Always With You would be awesome. I agree with axegrinder#9 too, you should do RHCP. Something like Under the Bridge would be perfect.
I have a coffee house coming up too, and I am planning on playing RHCP.

EDIT: I'm also playing Wicked Game by Chris Isaak.
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look man you wanna do it right, just play something fresh and add your spin on it - whatever you do, PLEASE don't play dates 80s or over-played classic rock songs. And don't play some mega bombing shred song.

if it's that kind of coffee-house I'd suggest playing something funky and chill, of course if it's fool of n00bs, go ahead and play all those things.
Steve Vai - Sisters.

Not exactly shred but still awesome.
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I would throroughly enjoy a competent rendition of Sisters, but I cant imagine it would hold too many peoples attention for very long.

How about Moonlight Sonata?
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