so i was thinking... i dont have the time/ability/effort. do do this but someone should... take some incredibly just... freaking intense movie (either super intense shoot em up-ie: smokin aces/transporter.. or like oldschool epic battle scene movies-ie: 300, gladiator). edit out the epic symphony soundtracks and just load it up with death/speed/heavy metal during action scenes. that'd be sick.
Closest I know is Steve Vai did hardcore mini songs for all the music in the movie PCU (Politically Correct University) Hilarious movie by the way.
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there was this movie i saw i think it was excalabur or something to do w/ king arthur but there was this dude that was one o the baddies n i swear if he grew his beard out he would look exactly like shavo from SOAD
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the queen of the damned soundtrack or the one for dracula 200 fit pretty well ill say, oh yea & the one for freddy vs. jason.