that guitar should suit you greatly...

nice choice
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its an awesome guitar. I have one like that in black...its absolutely AMAZING. no need to recommend any other guitar, dude.
nice, thanks..Now i just gotta pick out a new amp, prolly go with a vox. thanks again
sup!i dont know man.I got a guitar with a floyd and it kinda sucks if you switch tunings alot,but other than that you tune once and your set!I would beware of jackson floyd rose models though!Friend had one and its a piece of crap now,so i dont know about that.I would personally go with an official floyd rose just to be on the safeside of things.
Hey Iron! long time no talk man, hope you've been good. yeah i was reading on musiciansfriend, someone who rated the guitar talked about the Floyd Rose, I'm go to the store and try it out..