I need help finding some good sounding chords for indie rock/pop/alternative stuff such as Arcade fire, rilo kiley, radiohead, clap your hands say yeah, tokyo police club, the libertines, broken social scene, television, gang of four. Basically not the standard major/minor barre chords everyone knows how to use. Examples are gang of fours revolutionary usage of angular chords, I don't know where to find the shapes for them. so to some it up I want to be able to make good chord progressions for the above genres, without having to use all the basic chords most players know.

oh and an example is

Rilo Kiley: Breakin' up (can't find tabs)

go ahead and flame if you want, I'm expecting to have at least a couple LISTEN TO REAL INDIE type comments

thanks for those of you who help
it used to mainly mean independent, but it has grown to follows a certain style and sound. I'm not asking which chords I'm allowed to play, I'm asking for some good chords that follow those sounds. If you hear lots of gang of four, it's usually not power chords
hi , with radiohead they use lots of broken chords at least in street spirit and paranoid android ,a broken chord is where you play the notes of a chord one at a time . another techniques they use its using open strings to ring out over each other like a harp .
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